Đề Anh Văn lớp 10 2011 Tp.HCM



Khoá ngày 21 tháng 06 năm 2011 tại TP.HCM

ĐỀ CHÍNH THỨC            Môn thi : ANH VĂN

Thời gian: 60 phút (không tính thời gian giao đề)

I. Choose the word/ phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the space in each sentence. (2.5 pts)

1.- “May I go out for just a while?”

- “__________”

A. It’s a nice day! B. That’s great! C. Go ahead! D. Yes, you could!

2. Tidal waves are the result of an abrupt shift in the underwater________ of the earth.

A. movement B. moment C. pollution D. celebration

3. Thousands of lives were saved________ the scientists had warned them about the tsunami.

A. although B. however C. because D. therefore

4. Jane often drinks coffee in the evening, ________?

A. doesn’t Jane B. does not she C. does she D. doesn’t she

5. I suggest that you ________ buy a present for her on her birthday.

A. may B. can C. should D. will

6. He wants to know________ we will have the seminar at the Town Hall.

A. what B. when C. that D. where

7. - “Rita, I’d like________ a friend of mine, Lucie.”

- “Pleased to meet you, Lucie!”

A. to meet you B. introduce you to C. you see D. you to meet

8. The match takes place________ Saturday afternoon this week.

A. of B. on C. after D. to

9. She is the girl ________ eyes are beautiful.

A. her B. whom C. whose D. those

10. - “Why don’t we go to the cinema now?”

- “________”

A. Will you join us? B. Yes, let’s! C. I’d like it. D. What play is it?

1C 2A 3C 4D 5C 6B 7D 8B 9C 10B

II. Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting. (0,5 pt)

11. The best defense against tsunamis are early warning that allows people to seek higher ground.

                                A        B                                                                 C                  D

12. Lyn asked Dan that she would come to the meeting the following day.

                          A                 B                   C D

11B 12A

III. Choose the word (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in the following passage. (1,5pts)

One good reason for people to learn a foreign language is work. If your work involves regular contact with (13) ________ of foreign languages, being able to talk to them in their own languages will help you to communicate with them. It may also help you to make sales and to negotiate and secure contracts. Knowledge of foreign language may also increase your chances of (14) ________ a new job, getting a promotion or a transfer overseas, or of going on foreign business (15) ________.

Many English-speaking business people don’t bother to learn other languages because they believe (16) ________ most of the people they do business with in foreign countries can speak English, and if they don’t speak English, interpreters can help. The (17) ________ of foreign language knowledge puts the English speakers at a disadvantage. In meetings, for example, the people on the other side can discuss things among themselves in their own language without the English speakers understanding, and using interpreters slows everything down. In any socialising after the meetings, the locals will probably (18) ________ more comfortable using their own language rather than English.

13. A. talkers B. sayers C. tellers D. speakers

14. A. looking B. finding C. applying D. offering

15. A. trips B. journeys C. tours D. holidays

16. A. what B. when C. that D. how

17. A. use B. study C. fluency D. lack

18. A. know B. feel C. behave D. come

13D 14B 15A 16C 17D 18B

IV. Read the passage, then decide if the statements that follow it are True or False.  (1,0 pt)

My name is Phat, an exchange student. Here I am in America. My host family lives in Tucson, Arizona. I’m attending high school, seeing the country and studying lots of different subjects. As you know, I love athletics, so I’m doing some serious running, as the school sports facilities here are excellent. I’m also learning how to play baseball and American football.

I’m finding the high school environment very relaxed and quite different from school back home: no uniform, not many rules, and you can even eat and drink in class. We start school at 8 am and finish at 3 pm, so we have lots of time for sports and other activities. We take eight subjects in the semester and have one lesson in each subject every day. I can choose seven of the subjects myself – the only compulsory one is American history.

19. Phat is now staying in Arizona on a study exchange program. (True)

20. Phat has been playing baseball for a long time and is very good at it. (False)

21. Students in his school wear nice uniforms. (False)

22. American history is an optional subject at his school. (False)

V. Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence. (1.5 pt)

23. Their time spent in the countryside provided the inspiration for their novels.  (inspire)

24. The newspaper is published daily. You can get it everyday.   (day)

25. I never receive any response / responses to my email from her.    (respond)

26. Many sight-seers walked around the tourist attraction to take photos.   (sight)

27. What were the reasons for the worldwide economic crisis?    (economy)

28. We should make the most efforts to stop deforestation.    (forest)

VI. Use the correct tense or form of the verb given in each sentence. (1.0 pt)

29. In the last ten years, life in our city has changed (change) dramatically.

30. She will tell him about the news when he phones (phone) her tomorrow morning.

31. They were planting (plant) roses in the garden when I came to see them.

32. Thank you for looking (look) after my grandpa while I was away last week.

VII. Rewrite each of the following sentences in another way so that it means almost the same as the sentence printed before it. (2.0 pt)

33. The exercise was so difficult that we couldn’t do it.

🡪 It was such a difficult exercise that we couldn’t do it.

34. He is sorry he is not able to speak English well.

🡪 He wishes he could speak English well / he were able to speak English well.

35. Tom passed the test easily.

🡪 Tom had no difficulty passing the test.

36. My friend cannot run as fast as me.

🡪 I can run faster than my friend.

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